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Halloween Safety

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween: costumes, frights, and CANDY! The special joys of Halloween are enjoyed by millions each year. However like most big events or holidays, fun can quickly turn negative if proper safety and health precautions are not followed or taken seriously.

Make yourself visible - You or your child may be dressed in costumes that are made to be dark and replicate something that goes “bump in the night”. While this may be creepy and fun, others that are out and about will most likely not be able to see you. Get a flashlight for each person in your trick or treat party and consider reflective bands or glow sticks to add even more visibility. Be sure to walk, not run, to your next designation. This will give drivers time to see you! Stay on designated walking trails or pathways. If you’re going to be in an area without sidewalks or walkways, reach out to your local police station and ask what they recommend. Staying in areas well lit by street lights also helps!

Candy - Who doesn’t love candy? Halloween is sure to provide plenty of sweet treats for the entire family. Although the holiday only comes once a year, it is still a good idea to limit how much you eat. Also be sure to check for tampering or damaged candies that may be better to discard for safety. Depending on your child’s age, checking for choking hazards may be vital as well.

Costumes - Costume accessories should be soft, flexible, and short. If a costume has weapon replicas, make sure they have orange tips to indicate they are fake. If you or your child’s costume requires face or body paint, test a small area of skin days before ever applying it to an entire area. This will let you make sure there will be no allergic reactions that could ruin a fun night!

Lit candles and luminaries - Always step around open flames and make sure costumes do not drag or get close to them. For an extra layer of safety, only purchase flame-resistant costumes. It never hurts to be safe!

Taking extra precautions won’t put a damper on fun but will be sure to help you and your loved ones stay safe! Visit SafeKids.org for even more Halloween health and safety tips!

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