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Habits to Avoid for Dental Health

Friday, October 16, 2015

We’ve all been told the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth from a young age. But what about the other, often daily, habits that we put our teeth and mouth through? Preventative care is a major factor in teeth and oral health. Taking a look at your habits and other factors can help to save you a great deal of pain and hassle in the future.

Don’t brush too hard: As we said above, brushing your teeth regularly is part of good oral hygiene. But did you know that if you brush too vigorously, you could be causing more harm than good? Brushing too hard can irritate gums and wear down enamel which can cause sensitivity and cavities. To avoid these problems, use a soft bristle tooth brush. Look for the ADA (American Dental Association) logo on the package, which means the brush has been certified to remove plaque but not cause damage.

Refrain from teeth grinding and jaw clenching: Most individuals who do this may not even realize they are. If you grind teeth or clench your jaw from stress, try your best to make a cautious effort to relax your jaw when it starts to happen. If you grind in your sleep, talk with your dentist about mouth guards that can help. Grinding or jaw clenching can cause micro fractures in your teeth and lead to jaw problems later on.

Avoid chewing ice: The cold temperature and hardness of ice cubes can cause serious damage. It may seem to be easy to chew but dental experts say that the hardness of ice cubes can cause fractures and other damage. Small cubes and chips aren’t nearly as detrimental but still take caution on eating ice that requires a great deal of “chomping”.

Don’t use your teeth as a tool:
We are all guilty of using our mouth or teeth as a tool at some point. Whether that is cutting a piece of thread, ripping a tag off, or opening a package of food – save your teeth for chewing your food only. Using your teeth as a tool can cause fractures or cracks. While you may not have an immediate issue, using your teeth in this way can cause major dental issues down the line.

Avoid biting your nails:
Biting your nails is bad for more than your fingers. Chewing on your nails can cause enamel to splinter which makes way for a number of tooth diseases and issues. The motion that occurs when chewing your nails can also cause your teeth to shift.

Leave out the acidic food:
Sucking lemons or drinking a great deal of carbonated drinks can be especially rough on your teeth. Foods or drinks that have a high acidity level can wreak havoc on your enamel and cause decay around your gum line. Sipping soda slowly or several times throughout the day is especially bad since you are basically bathing your teeth in an acid bath all day.

Of course, visiting your dental specialist regularly will help you keep on top of your dental hygiene. Your dentist can advise you of your personal habits that may be causing damage to your teeth as well as help you establish a good routine for overall dental health. Dentist visits can be expensive but shouldn’t be blown off. Visit www.YourDiscountBenefits.com to check out the variety of dental savings plans that are available. These plans will help you and your family keep up with your oral hygiene and teeth health without breaking the bank.


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