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Rising Medical Costs

Thursday, April 30, 2015

We are living in a time where amazing advancements are being made in the form of medicine, treatments, and surgeries. While this is a very exciting time for the human race, prices for these state of the art treatments and medicines are at an all-time high. Insurance isn’t always easily attainable and when it is, sometimes the price is still a bit much for the average American family. 

A recent survey by a private health insurance exchange, EHealth, sums up how families are feeling about ever rising health costs. It found that about 6 out of 10 people are more worried about routine and emergency healthcare costs than they are about retirement funds, savings accounts, or even their children’s future educational needs. An estimated $3.06 trillion was spent on healthcare in 2014. This number is astounding and the fact that it is projected to be even higher this year is alarming.
You and your family need your prescriptions to live as healthy and happy of a life as possible. You should never have to let costs come between you and the right to live that healthy life. In fact, healthcare and medicine costs are expected to climb 6.8% over the remainder of 2015. In an already tough economy, these rising costs have been detrimental to many of America’s families. More and more are finding that their required prescriptions, even in generic form, have went up in out of pocket cost. If you are one of these families affected, you know how great it would be to save up to 75 percent on all your medications.

The FreeRxPlus card is absolutely free for you, your immediate and extended family, and even your friends. Over 54,000 pharmacies participate so you are bound to find multiple locations near you. You can simply print the card for immediate use or request one by mail. You will find that the savings are real and substantial in most situations. You can even price check your family’s medications online, without leaving your home. The card is beneficial for those with and without insurance to help battle costs. 

While healthcare prices will most likely continue to soar, researching your options and making sure you are taking advantage of all available savings will help you rest a little easier and allow you to focus on more important things. Rather that be your family’s savings, future, or education; by simply presenting your FreeRxPlus card the next time you visit the pharmacy, you can ensure that rest by knowing you are receiving the best pricing.

We can’t deny rising prices on almost everything in today’s world.  Don’t settle for paying full price for the medicines you require to have a happy, fulfilled life. Avoid being a statistic and use your FreeRxPlus card to get the best price available on all the medications you need to keep going. Visit freerxplus.com to instantly print or request your free card today!

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