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Saving on Your Pet's Needs

Thursday, June 4, 2015

If you’re a pet lover, you probably consider them to be a major part of your family. There are an estimated 164 million pets in households across the country. In 2013, Americans spent about 56 billion dollars on their pets. Of that total, $14.37 billion went for veterinary care while another $13.14 billion for prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines. These numbers are staggering but to make sure our pets lead a happy and healthy life, most are willing to spend whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Pet health insurance is often hard to obtain and unaffordable making it unrealistic for most families. However, pets still need routine visits to their primary veterinarian just like we need to our physicians. Even if your pet isn’t prescribed a medicine or supplement during these visits, you may still find yourself paying a great deal out of pocket. An average teeth cleaning can cost about $200 alone! Yearly vaccinations can also hurt the wallet. Routine visits and checkups are one thing but emergency costs can be even more with some surgeries and procedures reaching thousands of dollars.

As a responsible pet owner, you also know that the other costs of keeping your pet happy and healthy build up over the year quite rapidly. One grooming trip alone may be more than you are used to paying your own hairdresser! Boarding fees and training can also cost a staggering amount. Luckily, there are affordable options that you can take advantage of to make sure your furry pals still receive great medical care and more with less out of pocket expenses.

FreeRxPlus is happy to offer a discount benefit medical plan that offers huge discounts on both medical and routine pet services. The Premier Health with Pets plan not only offers massive discounts, it offers convenience and no stipulations to be eligible. Members save 25% on medical procedures with each visit to a network veterinarian. You can also save 10% to 35% at participating providers on pet services like boarding, doggie day care, training, pet sitting, and grooming. Savings can also be had on pet supplies that you purchase more frequently like food, beds, toys, treats, and vitamins. Along with all these repeat savings comes a free pet ID tag and a 24 hour location service in case your pet ever becomes lost. One of the best parts is that savings are immediate! The plan is able to be used with most animals, from dogs and cats to exotics like birds and reptiles.

While this plan does not replace insurance, the savings you will experience make it a great value! Not only do you save on your pets, but your two legged family will also be able to take advantage of medical savings, Teladoc usage, and much more. Head over to www.yourdiscountbenefits.com/PremierHealthwithPets.html to view more details and get signed up today.

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