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Medication Shortages

Friday, February 26, 2016

In most cases, you are able to fill you and your family’s medications without issue. You visit the pharmacy, provide them your information, show them your FreeRxPlus savings card, and then it’s just a short wait to have your medications in hand. Behind the scenes, drug manufacturers work hard to ensure that medications are readily available to the public. However, sometimes medications can be placed on backorder or orders to your local pharmacy can be delayed due to delivery issues. In these situations, what are you supposed to do?

First of all, it is important to understand what can cause a drug to go on backorder. A backorder may be issued if the manufacturer is considering discontinuing a drug due to decreased usage or decreased profits. A drug can also be placed on a backorder or a recall if it is found to be harmful to those who take it. In this particular situation, the drug company will typically work on a solution and then issue a new release once it is deemed safe. Unfortunately, it can often take several months or years before a new version of the medication will be released. Another reason you may find your medication on backorder is due to a surge of popularity. Manufacturers may not be able to keep up with the demand causing you to have trouble getting your hands on the medicine.

If you find that one of your prescriptions is on backorder, either prescribed to you as a regular medication or a temporary one, your first step should be to ask your pharmacist or doctor if there is a generic(s) version available. If a drug has been on the market long enough, there is usually a generic form available. Often times there may even be more than one generic form of your medication that you could take. If a generic version isn’t available, your next step should be to ask your pharmacist if they know anyone else locally that may still have some of the medication in stock. If your pharmacist is unable to help, you should reach back out to your doctor as soon as possible to let them know the situation so they can provide you with other options. It is important to note that you should never attempt to just “go without” a medication even on a temporary basis. Your doctor will be able to offer you other solutions to make sure you are at your healthiest even while your other medication is on backorder.

If your medication isn’t on backorder and your usual pharmacy has just experienced a delivery delay, ask them who they recommend you go visit to get your prescriptions filled in the meantime. They usually have other pharmacies that they work closely with and understand that you may need to do business temporarily with someone else. Your pharmacist and pharmacy tech have your best interest at heart so don’t be afraid to ask where you should go until they are stocked again!

A backorder or delay in getting your medication doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your well-being in the meantime. Your medical professionals will know exactly what to do so don’t hesitate to let them know that you need help. Also, don’t forget that your FreeRxPlus prescription savings card is good for thousands of name brand and generic medications at over 56,000 pharmacies across the US and Puerto Rico! So even if you find yourself needing to fill an alternate prescription or needing to visit an alternate pharmacy, you should still use your card to ensure that you receive the best possible price. If you don’t have a FreeRxPlus card yet, visit FreeRxPlus.com now to get your free card instantly!

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