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Friday, October 23, 2015

As colder weather arrives throughout the US, joints and muscles tend to get a bit more achy. Seasonal change brings about temperature and pressure changes that make our joints and muscles sore. Adding colds and other illness to the mix certainly doesn't help! Here are some tips for beating soreness that comes during Autumn.

There are ways to fight pain without resorting to medications. One way to avoid meds and beat pain is to introduce heat relief to muscles. Investing in a heating pad or hot water bottle could offer a level of relief and relaxation that you've never experienced. The heat from these items relaxes tension in muscles, and allows increased blood flow in the area. Increased blood flow helps rebuild damaged tissue and ushers away compounds in muscles that make them feel sore.

Another way to kick up the relaxation, as well as offer relief, is to treat yourself to a massage. A licensed massage therapist can help you with muscle soreness because he or she is trained in the techniques that can help liberate those feelings of stiffness and pain. The added relaxation factor is certainly a plus!

Body maintenance is also an important part of keeping yourself feeling fresh and fit. Exercise certainly helps; keeping your joints and muscles in motion can help keep stiffness away. Simply stretching can also help with soreness by opening up blood vessels and increasing blood flow to tissues in the body. Along with exercise, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water can also help relieve aches and pain. Vitamins found in fresh vegetables and fruits are instrumental in rebuilding healthy tissue in the body. Water helps with the cell building and repair process, and helps your blood move toxins out of the body.

Of course, not all pains find their roots in the muscles. Some conditions like arthritis are caused by inflammation of the joints. Your joints can be very sensitive to changing temperature and pressure. Some sufferers of arthritis advise fellow sufferers to dress warmly. Keeping a sweater handy for chilly situations could save you some pain. Increasing Vitamin D, either through supplementation or increased sunlight exposure, could help as well.

Some pains will require medication. Take medicines in accordance with the directions given by your doctor or pharmacist. Consult these professionals when mixing over the counter pain killers and prescription drugs. If your doctor does decide that you need the help of a prescribed medication, be sure that you are getting the best possible price by showing your pharmacist your FreeRxPlus card. Visit FreeRxPlus.com to print or request your free card now.

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