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How to Save on Prescriptions

Friday, October 9, 2015

For those who need medications to live a happy and healthy life, being frugal isn’t much of an option. In 2014, Americans filled 4.3 billion prescriptions and spent nearly $374 billion on medicine. This amount is staggering! Unfortunately, medications don’t usually go on sale and prices can often rise with no notice. Most individuals are forced to either pay the price or go without. Luckily there are a few things that you can do to ensure you are receiving as much of a discount as possible on the medications you so desperately need.

Split higher dosage pills: Pill splitting is based on the fact that many pills cost about the same even if they contain twice as much medication. For example, a 100 mg pill is often about the same price as a 50 mg pill of the same drug. Ask your doctor if your medication is safe to be split. If it is, you can ask them to prescribe twice the dosage you really need, so you can split your pills in half, making them last twice as long. It is important to note that many pills are not safe to split so it is imperative that you talk to your doctor before splitting them yourself.

Ask about generics: Generic medications can save a great deal of money in most situations. Almost 80% of FDA-approved drugs have generic alternatives. Most of those generics cost an average of four times less than the brand-name versions. Unfortunately, a generic version of a drug cannot be made until six months after the name brand’s patent protection expires. Usually, the longer a medication has been out, the more luck you will have finding cheaper generics.

Be open with your doctor or pharmacist: Don’t be embarrassed to let your doctor know that you are struggling to pay for your medications. You may be surprised to find that there are less expensive treatment options available to you. By being open with your doctor or pharmacist, you can discuss other options that may work for you and in turn save you money.

Shop around at different pharmacies: You may be shocked at how much prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Even those located in the same town can have drastic differences. There are many factors that go into play when a pharmacy determines how much they charge for a medication so don’t be afraid to make phone calls before settling on one location to fill your prescription. Read more about price checking here.

Use your prescription savings card: Something as simple as showing your FreeRxPlus prescription savings card can save you as much as 97%! Most savings cards are free and don’t require personal information to be able to be used. Be sure to do your research though because not all cards are created equal. Make sure you get a card that has a large pharmacy network so that you can save at more than just a few locations. Unfortunately not all cards have the same optimal savings either. FreeRxPlus’ pharmacy network spans to over 56,000 locations across the United States and Puerto Rico and offers some of the best discounts possible. Your pharmacist will know what to do when you present them with your card and will let you know both the cash price and the discounted price with your savings card. It may seem too good to be true but thousands save every day with no strings attached. If you have yet to get your FreeRxPlus discount card, visit FreeRxPlus.com and print or request your no cost card today.

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