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Choosing The Best Pharmacy For You

Friday, June 3, 2016

Choosing a pharmacy can be an important decision for many reasons. Not only can a good choice provide you with convenience, it can also help you save money. All pharmacies are required to meet standards set by both federal and state laws. These laws help to offer the public safety and peace of mind when dealing with their prescriptions. Since your safety is being handled via stringent rules and screenings, you can focus on the many other factors that can help you find the best pharmacy for you and your family.

Location: One of the key things to look at when choosing a pharmacy is location. Start by mapping pharmacies that are on a route that you travel regularly. Take time to determine how bad traffic is at the time of day you would most likely be visiting the pharmacy. Working out a convenient location now may save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Schedule: Is the pharmacy open during hours that work for your schedule? If they are not, do they offer delivery to you? Depending on rules and regulations, some medications may require you showing your ID in order to take possession of them. Due to this, having someone else pick them up on your behalf may not be an option. Call the pharmacy to see what options they offer as far as after-hours pickup or delivery.

Staff: Feel free to ask how many licensed pharmacists work there as well as how many pharmacist technicians. You will most likely need to speak with someone when you are starting a new prescription. If a pharmacy is understaffed, you may have to wait a long time to speak with someone or they may not have time to answer all of your questions. Also evaluate the friendliness of the staff upon your first interaction. Do they take time to answer your questions and assist you to your satisfaction?

Pricing: Like most things you buy, prices on medications can also vary from location to location. It is important to check pricing for prescriptions you know you need ahead of time. You may be surprised at just how much prices can vary across several pharmacies. Determine which location has the best pricing and meets your other criteria. Remember to also check if the pharmacy you are evaluating takes your insurance and/or your FreeRxPlus savings card to ensure you are receiving the best price possible.

Once you have found a pharmacy that suits your needs, try to stay with them to fill all of you and your family’s prescriptions. Having a pharmacist that is familiar with you and all your medications can be invaluable. If you are ever forced to change to another pharmacy, ask for a copy of your record so that you may provide it to your new location.

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